Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pitfire Pizza's 15th Anniversary Special and New Fall Menu

Did you know that Pitfire Pizza has been around for 15 years, serving artisanal pizza?? I didn't know about them until they opened up the downtown location next to The Edison so I was surprised that they've been around for so long, but their original location in North Hollywood has been around for that long. Now they have locations in downtown, Westwood, West Hollywood, Culver City, and soon they'll be opening a Costa Mesa location.

Anyway, to celebrate this major milestone, Pitfire will be serving a special 15th Anniversary Tuscan Pizza (roasted potatoes, rosemary, gorgonzola, grilled chicken). Not only that, for the month of November, this pizza will be selling for the price it was back in 2006, which is $7.95! 

It's the perfect time to visit Pitfire Pizza, because at the same time they have just launched the Fall menu. Roasted Pear Salad

Farmer's Market Platter ($9.95) features heartier items like butternut squash and a bowl of  Cranberry beans and christmas beans. The brussel sprout and kale remain from previous seasons, and there is also a nice mixture of farro, crimini mushrooms, and hazelnut.

Pitfire has a special relationship with Superba's Jason Neroni who did a pop-up here previously, so during this media dinner we had a special pasta by Jason Neroni: housemade rye rigatoni, brussels sprout, crispy bacon, taleggio, brown butter, vincotto
They were talking about possible putting a pasta by Jason on the regular menu and I really hope that would happen. This rye rigatoni was so good we couldn't stop eating it despite knowing how much more food we had coming! It wasn't just the topping, but the texture and flavor of the pasta itself were great.

The current customer favorite sounds a bit weird but is definitely a must-try. It's their roasted pumpkin pizza with pumpkin seeds, fontina, and kale! The pumpkin wasn't as sweet as I had expected and is actually pretty close to squash. It was an interesting and great pizza.

We also had the brussel sprout and bacon pizza - can't go wrong.

The dessert was also a collaboration between Neroni and Pitfire. They served Neroni's Superba Wine Poached Pear with their own soft serve, and then topped with rye crumble and chocolate sauce. I think there was also some vincotto as there was definitely a bit of tartness/ vinegar flavor in it.
Pitfire's pizzas are already very affordable in the first place, but come and join the celebration this month with their $7.95 Tuscan pizza anyway, and try out their fall items while you can.


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