Monday, April 1, 2013

Travel: Tour The San Andreas Fault with Red Jeep Tours (Palm Springs,CA)

One thing I love about Palm Springs Restaurant Week is the Eat.See.Stay deal they have going on. It's not just deals on restaurants but also hotels and attractions like museums, the Living Desert zoo, and tours of the San Andreas fault. During the Restaurant Week, Desert Adventures Red Jeep Tours is doing a combo package with an Indian Canyon eco-tour and lunch at select restaurants ($125), or a San Andreas Fault stargazing/nightwatch tour with dinner ($150).

During our media trip to Palm Springs, we got a chance to experience the San Andreas fault tour.

The red jeeps taking us on the tour
Our tour guide has been with the company for a long time and was very knowledgeable. Our first stop was the oasis. Oasis in the middle of the desert? Yep, apparently there's over 40 billion acres of water underneath this desert and there are palm trees everywhere in this oasis.
Palm Springs Oasis

Our guide showed us different plants around the area and what the Indians used them for, including one that tasted like potato chips (I can't remember the name now, sorry)

Second stop: a recreated Cahuilla Indian village. There's a display of the tools used by the Indians, basket weaving, etc.
Last stop: diving into the San Andreas fault gorge. San Andreas Fault is the only place in the world where 2 major tectonic plates (the Pacific and North American tectonic plates) collide instead of sliding next to each other. We had to go through a narrow opening  which was apparently formed by a tsunami. We were just hoping that no earthquake happens while we're in there!
Walking through San Andreas Fault Gorge
The gorge was definitely my favorite part of the tour! They looks like rocks but the surface is gritty and they sound hollow when you knock on them, and there were many cool formations.
Owner of Desert Adventures (left) and our tour guide (right).
Thank you for the tour!


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