Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mo-Chica's $27 Tuesday OG Tasting Menu

When Mo-Chica was just a stall at the Mercado La Paloma, Ricardo Zarate would do special tasting menus on Tuesdays. They've no revived the Tuesday tastings at the downtown Mo-Chica. The "OG Tasting Menu" offers 5 courses for just $27! A good deal, right?

The menu changes but when I went the 5 courses started with an Heirloom tomato salad, crispy red quinoa, fresh mozzarella, huacatay pesto

A fun Peruvian twist on the cliche tomato mozzarella with pesto

The next course is a Ceviche trio:
tuna sashimi, yuzu miso, green shiso, mountain yam
Diver scallop, aji amarillo aioli, wasabi, tobiko
Hamachi, jalapeno ponzu, nori lettuce, garlic crisp
ceviche trio
I'm glad they included a ceviche course in the tasting menu, because what's a visit to Mo Chica without some? Because it was more unusual to find, my favorite here was the scallop. 

Roasted stripe bass, aji amarillo choclo pepian, English peas, thyme tomato escabeche, mint chimichurri
Again we see how chef Zarate fuses Peruvian flavors in the sauces of an otherwise classic dish from other types of cuisines. 

The final savory course was a tender Braised short rib with rocoto yam mash, Kennebec fries, huacatay demi glace

We finished off with Chocolate tres leches cake, chancaca sauce, blueberries, mint syrup
So moist! It's why I love tres leches cakes..

Don't miss Deysi Alvarez's cocktails here too. I really enjoyed the spicy Watermelon margarita with jalapeno infused espolon blanco, watermelon, lime juice, agave nectar ($8)
Watermelon margarita

Real passionfruit to follow

The OG Tasting menu originally started as a special during their anniversary celebration but it was so popular they they decided to keep it ongoing. As you can see, it's quite a nice deal for $27!

Mo Chica
514 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 622-3744
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