Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fondue by the Pool at Après at The W Hotel in Westwood

It's getting cold out. Cold enough for fondue, even. But you're still an Angeleno at heart so you're going to want your fondue by the pool. Well, you can at Après at The W Hotel in Westwood. Not après ski, but après skinny dip?
Available at the poolside cabanas (but they'll serve it inside or at the bar if you ask nicely) are cheese and chocolate fondues, s'mores, and special cocktails.
There are three choices for the cheese fondue ($16 for 2), including the Miss Swiss which is the traditional gruyere cheese with sherry and garlic, Dive bar made with cheddar, IPA, and bacon, and Jako-Dip made with goat cheese, white wine, and pumpkin puree.
Cheese Fondue
My favorite is still the traditional Swiss style, but the pumpkin one is fun to try as well. They come with bread and vegetables as usual but also some cured meats.

The chocolate fondue also comes in three choices and served with strawberries, dried pineapples, marshmallows, Oreos, and graham crackers.
The Sweet Hot combines dark chocolate with pink peppercorn and Himalayan salt (my favorite one, obviously). Nut n Honey is milk chocolate based with peanut butter, caramel, and honey, or if you don't want all that "caffeine" there's a white chocolate with toasted coconut and marshmallow fluff called Snowflake.
Chocolate Fondue
Or, just get all three ... swirled.

There are Veuve champagne and a couple of Veuve cocktails, but if you want something warm, try the Cinnamon Toast ($14): cinnamon whiskey, vanilla syrup, half and half, sprinkled cinnamon, served like a latte.

Since they're already bringing fire into the poolside cabanas, might as well add ... S'mores!

The Après items are available through the first week of January at the Westwood location only. Again, you can have the items at the restaurant if you ask them, but these cabanas are pretty sweet. Oh, and did I mention there's a fun photobooth??


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