Monday, December 9, 2013

Tiki Cocktails by the Beach at Larry's in Venice

Larry's was already a popular destination in Venice Beach for food and beer, but they have recently gotten a full liquor license as well and launched a tiki-focused cocktail menu.

Pina colada gets an upgrade with a red wine float in #Delicious (rum, coconut cream, lemon, pineapple, red wine - $12). Yes, the hashtag is meant to be there.

It's on the sweeter side but I'm still a fan of pina coladas after all, and a lot of people would love this drink. The red wine adds more complexity. For something a little less sweet, I really enjoyed the Sun Poison (gin, falernum, passionfruit, lime, orgeat, orange bitters - $12)
Tiki Cocktail
Falernum any day

The bar food menu is worth a look, as well. If you don't mind offals, get the Bacon wrapped chicken liver skewers, yakitori sauce ($6)

Deviled Duck Eggs (duck salami, pickled ginger - $7)

There just has to be a spicy tequila cocktail on the menu these days, but instead of the usual jalapeno, Larry's plays around with red peppers in the Epitaph (tequila, roasted red pepper, lemon, agave, cucumber, salt rim)
The red pepper and cucumber gave it a more vegetal note.
Since I grew up on root beer, I had to try The Field Trip (rum, Angostura bitters, orgeat, lemon, root beer)
Not too sweet yet easy to drink, this is a nice thirst quencher for the afternoons.

Another nice bar bite: Crispy Cauliflowers, burrata cheese, basil, sweet Thai chili sauce ($8)
Crispiness, burrata, chili sauce - all check. Who needs fried chicken?

If tiki's not your speed, there is only one stirred cocktail on the menu, but it's a great one:
Real Voodoo Stuff (El Dorado 12-yr, brown sugar tobacco, Laphroaig rinse - $14)
I love smoky aromas in my drinks, and this well balanced drink was perfect for me.

Next time you head down to Venice beach, stop by at Larry's for one of their new cocktails along with some bar food!

Of course, their many beer taps are still available as usual.
Just have them all ...

IMG_0505Larry's Venice
24 Windward Ave
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 399-2700


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