Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 6 LA Bites in 2013

It's almost the end of the year and looking back at 2013, I've certainly had many great meals! Here's a look at what I remembered to be the best bites in Los Angeles in the past year. Because the list only covers LA, it doesn't include the absolutely amazing kouign amann at B Patisserie, but you should definitely try that if you're in San Francisco. These also only include the things I tried for the first time in 2013, so while there are many great dishes in LA they may not be on this list. Also, I'm bound to have missed a few things due to my failing memory, so feel free to add what you think is the best bite in the comments!

In no particular order:

1. Uni Caviar Lobster roll at Petrossian
Uni Lobster Roll
Chef Giselle Wellman has devised the ultimate lobster roll, topped with fresh uni and Petrossian caviar on a brioche roll. While the lobster roll and fries aren't cheap, each bite will assure you that it's worth it.

2. Mandilli di seta at The Factory Kitchen
Almond Pesto
I still dream about this silky smooth handkerchief pasta and that subtle almond basil pesto.

3. Lamb chops with gojuchang marinade at Picca
While they're a bit expensive for two lamb chops, I couldn't get enough of the tender lamb with that sweet gojuchang marinade!

4. Boiled fish in green peppercorn broth at Chengdu Taste
Being a food blogger I constantly try new restaurants and rarely go back to the same ones, but I've been to Chengdu Taste three times already, and each time I have to order this dish. The sweet, delicate fish is swimming in fiery green peppercorn broth that will numb your lips.

5. Suckling Pig Porchetta at Trattoria Neapolis
Suckling porchetta
This was unfortunately only served at their anniversary party this past year, but this suckling pig porchetta may have been the best porchetta! I hope they'll put it on the regular menu.

6. Potato pulp at Trois Mec
potato pulp
Yes, it's potato pulp. I don't know what Chef Ludo Lefebvre does to his potatoes, but all his diners are head over heels in love with this potato pulp with brown butter and bonito.



So that boiled fish - I didn't get it my last trip to Chengdu, and it made my meal THAT much more bearable. I didn't even have to drink that much. Which proves that that dish IS HOT!


That handkerchief pasta with almond basil pesto looks outrageously good!


I like that fish... seems so different food guide.

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