Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Go Greek Yogurt: A Greek Yogurt Bar in Beverly Hills

Combining the popularity of Greek yogurt and Pinkberry, Go Greek Yogurt provides a place in Beverly Hills to get authentic, imported Greek yogurt with various toppings. The yogurt is flown in directly from Greece.

There are three options for the Greek yogurt, based on the fat content. The most authentic one is 10% fat but you can also get a 2% or a nonfat Greek yogurt.
The 10% obviously tastes the best, but the 2% is still smooth and creamy. I can't eat the Greek yogurts they sell at the grocery stores without adding something to it, but this one I can eat by itself. The yogurt is stored in terracotta bowls, and when you order some to go they will also pack it up in terracotta pots. I want to get one just as a souvenir!

Before moving on to the toppings, don't miss the two most important sections: the preserves and honey. They have authentic preserves that the Greeks eat with their yogurt, including carrot, sour cherry, and rose preserves.
The staff suggested the rose preserve and although I was wary at first (I was afrait it would be too fragrant) it was so good. The aroma is subtle and texture is great. As for the honey, they have unusual options like pine and thyme honey, sage, and heath.
Fresh fruits and nuts are available for the toppings. Since figs were out of season when I came in, I topped my yogurt and rose preserve with dried dates.

Instead of adding your own toppings, you can also try one of their creations. They have a couple of savory ones, which I love, if you remember from my Pinkberry post.
Tomatoes, olives, cucumber, olive oil, served with a pita bread. A great light lunch!

When it's hot out, you can also get your greek yogurt in frozen yogurt form. They have a handful of flavors, but the one you must get is the honey!

Go Greek
452 N Bedford Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 278-8643
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