Thursday, February 20, 2014

Giveaway! Tickets to PPLA Food Fare on March 6

The annual Food Fare raises fund for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. 97% of PPLA's services include screenings for cancer, STDs, and the like. I personally support it and am therefore happy to tell you that this year's PPLA Food Fare is coming up on Thursday, March 6!
This year's events will take place at The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica and as usual there will be a day session (starting at 10:30 am) which costs $150 and an evening session (starting at 6:30 pm) which costs $250. Of course, all the proceeds benefit PPLA. You can purchase the tickets here and might want to hurry, looks like tickets are running low!

This year's notable participating restaurants include Chi Spacca, Star King Korean BBQ, Mexikosher, Lucques, Superba, Salt's Cure, Hamasaku, and many more. On the liquid side, there will be Kreation Juicery, Caffe Luxxe, Golden Road Brewery, and many wineries. There will be vendors so you can go shopping, along with fun silent auction items.

Let me get to the best part: PPLA is generously giving away a pair of tickets to the Food Fare!

The tickets will be for the evening session ($500 value) although if you prefer to attend the day session, you just have to say the word.

You can enter using the form below by midnight on Thursday, Feb 27th.
Just a note: some people click that they've tweeted but actually did not. I will randomly check entries and if you actually did not perform the action, I will remove that entry.
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I want to attend because I firmly believe in what Planned Parenthood provides, but could never afford the fancy $250 a plate event. Even if I don't win, thanks for supporting women!


Thanks for this amazing opportunity. The restaurant and beverage list is huge. All the best restaurants in LA, and the finest wines are participating. I'm sure it will be one amazing event. All this, and its for an awesome cause. My female friends just love this organization and the work they do. Go Planned Parenthood LA!!!
Cant wait to go to this amazing event. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

H. C.
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H. C.

Oooh, it could be an opportunity to heckle the anti-choicers too!


Thanks for the opportunity. Pick me!


I strongly believe in the services Planned Parenthood provides.


I love food! And I vote Democrat :)



Jordan Sandler

Great looking event for a good cause.


Looks like a wonderful list of attendees.

Pink Foodie

Would love to attend this tasty event for a very good cause.


would love to win because it's a great cause and hey, I love to eat! have always wanted to try salt's cure!


What an amazing prize! I am and have a been a big supporter of Planned Parenthood for years...


I love events like this because they support a great cause and they let me meet smart, involved people. And, uh, there's nothing wrong with getting away from the kids for a night or two.


Sometimes even community activists like moving upscale for a change!


What a wonderful cause! And such amazing restaurants! This sounds like it will be a wonderful night and I would love to be able to attend.

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