Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flying Out in Style with Petrossian LAX

On the day I left for London, the new Petrossian at LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal was having a media tasting, so of course I had to go! Talk about perfect timing. It was my first time at the new terminal, and the classy Petrossian decor matched the sleek terminal.

Now, jetsetters can wait for their flights while drinking cocktails garnished with caviar powder. The High Society cocktail is made with Tanqueray gin, St. Germaine, and green chartreuse. The glass is rimmed with caviar powder, which is also in the lemon "boat"
Caviar Cocktail
The preparation of the caviar powder is a secret, but you can now buy them for your own home.
Caviar Powder
We had tray passed blinis, which are excellent, as always.
Deviled eggs topped with caviar ...
Deviled Eggs
Even caviar white chocolate! For those who enjoy the salty and sweet combination, this is certainly something unique to try.
Caviar Chocolate
What better way to prepare for a long-haul flight than stuffing yourself with caviar and champagne? I certainly slept very well as soon as I boarded my flight.


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