Friday, June 6, 2014

New Cocktails Hit Santa Monica at The Charleston

Realizing there wasn't really a spot for craft cocktails on that strip of Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica, The Charleston's new GM, Chris Cheng, decided to launch a brand new cocktail list. There's no famous bartender involved, but his experience working with Beau du Bois at The Corner Door helped him create a solid starting list.

One of my favorites was the Cootie Catcher, made with gin, honeydew, luxardo triplem, lemon, and orgeat. Name aside, it's rare to find a honeydew cocktail and the honeydew flavor is nicely enhanced here. The orgeat they use is St. Vincent, which is infused with orange blossom and rose water - it's a local product made by one of the bartenders at Bestia!

Honeydew cocktail

Wake Up Call is the obligate spicy cocktail with reposado tequila, habanero cordial, lemon, peach bitters, and ginger beer.
For me, the chartreuse lover, there's Very Mansome which is a variant of the Last Word cocktail with apricot instead of maraschino liqueur.

I also liked the aromatic and strong Glee Club with mezcal, creme de banana, espresso liqueur, and rhubarb bitters. There are many distinct ingredients which surprisingly worked quite well.

If you need something to soak up the alcohol, get one of the taco trio ($10). Their tacos are served with a nice, thick handmade tortillas. I had just come back from Austin, Texas, where I was disappointed by the tortillas they use there. So glad to finally get handmade ones back in LA! Try the blackened salmon with cabbage, pico de gallo, and caper tartar.
Fish Taco


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