Monday, June 16, 2014

Hungry Cat's Crabfest Returns July 27, Summer Crab Nights, and Last Year's Review

The annual Crabfest at The Hungry Cat will return to the Hollywood locaton on July 27! This year, the Santa Monica location will hold "Summer Crab Nights" which will be more like a mini Crabfest. The Summer Crab Nights will be held on Sundays June 29, August 10, and September 7, where you can get half a dozen Maryland blue crabs with sides of corn on the cob, tomato and watermelon salad, cornbread and a dessert for $35. The dealio is at 3-8pm on those dates.

The big Crabfest (now in its 10th year) itself is $75 for 5 courses and will be at 1-7pm - again, July 27 at the Hollywood location.

Here's what the Crabfest was like last year:
We each started with a bowl of Maryland Crab Soup, a flavorful and comforting soup with a generous serving of crab.
Crab Soup
Next was a Beer-battered soft shell crab sandwich, b&b pickles, spicy remoulade
Softshell Crab
This was a substantial sandwich for just the second course! It's a well proportioned sandwich with good bread that complements the crispy soft shell crab.
With the entree usually also come two sides. We had a refreshing salad of Heirloom tomato, watermelon, feta, arugula, opal basil. It's a great side to cleanse your palate after having a couple of the seasoned crab with.
The other side was Grilled corn salad, avocado, Fresno chile, lime.
The corn salad was so good that Wandering Chopsticks would rather finish this than finish her crab!

The main course is six each of the Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs (and I think you may be able to ask for more than these, but we were already full). A pile of blue crab on a paper-covered table and a mallet. Go at it!
blue crab
When you're done licking the carcass and washing your hands, move on to dessert.
The dessert is usually simple but delicious and with a bit of a twist. We had a Cornmeal shortcake with macerated strawberries, whipped cream

The Hungry Cat had also been known for their cocktails long before all these craft cocktail bars popped up. Find drinks like the Louanalao (Barbancourt rum, campari, strawberry, allspice dram, lime) and a proper Mai Tai.

This was my second Crabfest (read about my first one here) and I've always thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Sure, some people might complain that eating crab is too much work, but I find it satisfying to pry them apart and get to the sweet crab meat. Plus, what better way to enjoy it than with The Hungry Cat's delicious sides, appetizers, and cocktails? To reserve your stop, call 323-462-2155.


Wandering Chopsticks

That crab salad was delicious. Couldn't take it home, but I could take the crabs home, so it was easy to decide what to finish off at the restaurant. :)

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