Sunday, April 26, 2015

Preview: Tacos and Cocktails at UnderFire in Back Bay (Boston, MA)

The aptly named Under Fire is now open below Fire+Ice in their Boston Back Bay location. While Fire+Ice is a family friendly buffet, UnderFire is more of a bar/restaurant serving food a la carte featuring burgers and tacos.

I was invited to the opening celebration so I didn't get to try the full menu but I did try some tacos and sandwiches. Between the two, the tacos are the way to go. They're not all traditional Mexican taco recipes, but instead modernized - Americanized perhaps, but the flavors are good - incorporating ingredients like pesto in the Pollo al Pesto (fire-grilled chicken, sunflower pesto, queso fresco, diced tomato, fresh basil, EVOO, flour tortilla, $11 for 3)


My favorite (of the two tacos) was The Club (Peruvian-style grilled chicken, braised pork belly, cheddar cheese, pico, guacamole, jalapeno garlic aioli, flour tortilla, $12 for 3)

Some of the other tacos like the carnitas use a corn-wheat tortilla instead of white flour tortilla, and I'd be curious to try them!

The cocktails here are fruity and easy to go down, but they start at $8. It's nice not to have to spend $14 on a single drink. Also, for the most part, they're using fresh fruits.

Strawberry Basil Margarita (Don Julio blanco tequila, house-made sour mix, simple syrup, muddled strawberries, fresh basil leaves, $11).

Black Market Mule (Stoli vodka, ginger beer, blackberries, lime, $9)

Or, if you just want to get drunk with something sweet and easy to drink, get the giant Fire Bowl (Absolut Pear, Absolut Peach, Absolut Mandarin, orange liqueur, cranbery juice, $18).

Yes, it's pretty much like a giant bowl of Cosmo, recommended to share with 2 people but hey, I won't judge.

Again, there are burgers and sandwiches but I personally prefer the tacos!

This article also mentions "lava rock cooking" at Under Fire. That was probably not safe to do for the crowded opening party, so I would look for other reports once the restaurant is open and the dust settles to see what that's like!

Under Fire
205 Berkeley St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 482-3473
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