Monday, May 18, 2015

Haggis Burger and More: Hard Rock Cafe's World Burger Tour

I don't even know how many years it's been since I stepped into a Hard Rock Cafe, but when I heard from Deep End Dining that the Boston location is offering a haggis burger during the World Burger Tour promotion, I decided I had to try it!

I didn't know this before, but each Hard Rock Cafe location has their own unique burger, dubbed Local Legendary Burger. During the World Burger Tour, which is happening now until June 30, the Hard Rock Cafe locations in the USA will be showcasing different local burgers from all around the globe. Each US cafe will feature four different burgers, and the menu will vary from cafe to cafe.

The Boston location is featuring the haggis burger (Edinburg, Scotland), schnitzel burger (Cologne, Germany), Andean Burger (Santa Cruz, Bolivia), and the Chamorro Burger (Guam). I couldn't fit all four in my stomach, so I tried some:

Of course, I tried the Haggis Burger from Edinburgh, Scotland.

World Burger Tour

It's a beef patty topped with haggis, Monterey Jack cheese, golden turnip frazzles, whiskey maple glaze, lettuce, tomato, served with fries.
World Burger Tour
They even got the nips and tatties in there! That's turnips and potatoes, if you didn't know.
The burger itself was pretty juicy, and the haggis definitely adds a gaminess and that offal flavor to it, but I found it quite good and didn't overwhelm the other flavors. Even my friend who's never had haggis before liked it. I found the haggis to be tastier than some of the fried versions I've had, since it wasn't dry and combined well with the beef patty.

Schnitzel Burger from Cologne, Germany. Two pork schnitzels layered with smoked bacon, sauerkraut, spicy brown mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, served with fries.
World Burger Tour

Of course, this one is serve between a pretzel bun! This was quite a substantial sandwich. Between the fried cutlet and the pretzel bun, it was a bit dry, but adding more mustard fixed that up.

I also had to try the Boston Local Legendary Burger, which is topped with lobster salad and served with cole slaw - because, lobster.
World Burger Tour

Other burgers on the tour is a Date Burger (topped with date chutney, from UAE), Java Lava Burger (dressed in espresso rub, from Seattle), Tandoori Spiced Chicken Burger (India), and more. Check you local Hard Rock Cafe to see which burgers they are offering, and as a reminder, this promotion ends on June 30.

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