Monday, June 15, 2015

Brunch at Terrine (Los Angeles, CA)

When one thinks of brunch in Los Angeles, al fresco or patio dining comes to a lot of minds, especially during the summer months. The fairly new Terrine has a beautiful back patio shaded by a tree canopy.

Terrine's kitchen is headed by Chef Kris Morningstar (formerly at Ray's and Stark Bar) and he's doing some great things. This was one of the restaurants I had to try on my recent trips back home to LA.

I ordered the Eggs in Purgatory (spicy tomato sauce, fennel pollen, basil, pecorino, crostini, $14)
Yes, I have a soft spot for eggs in tomato sauce, but Terrine's version of shakshouka is one of my favorite brunch dishes we tried. The sauce isn't too spicy but rich in flavors. Their bread was also especially good which made the dish even better.

We had to order this: Terrine de foie gras with prunes and fleur de sel - and baguette, of course.
The foie gras accompaniments are different between their lunch and dinner service, but both are worth ordering. This terrine was a wonderful version of a classic, smooth and rich. Welcome back to California, foie gras.

Brussels sprouts Pizza, sunny egg, fontina, Calabrian chiles, Red Boat fish sauce ($16)
This pizza hits you with bold flavors all around, from the spice of the chiles to the strong savoriness of the fish sauce. A great take on egg-y brunch pizza!

Spicy Fried Chicken and Grits, scallions, maple ($16)
Terrine may be a brasserie but they did this chicken and grits right.

Brussel sprouts, Pedro Ximenez, pecans, braeburns, dates, pecorino ($13)
For a lighter dish, try this surprisingly addictive salad.

There's also a small menu of brunch cocktails that were light and refreshing.

Because it was our friend One More Bite Blog's birthday, they sent out a free dessert with a candle. This was a chocolate, toffee, and salted caramel cake, which I believe was aptly named the Birthday Cake.

We had a lovely brunch at Terrine, this place will undoubtedly be a hot brunch spot in LA - it already was when we were there.

8265 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 746-5130
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