Friday, June 26, 2015

Providence's Anniversary $80 Menu Extended to July

Chef Michael Cimarusti's Providence Restaurant celebrated its 10th anniversary with a four-course menu for $80 in June, but don't be mad that I didn't tell you because they've extended it to the month of July!

Providence is one of the top fine dining destinations in LA, as evidenced by it having survived 10 years! It's one of my favorites, and though it would usually cost quite a pretty penny to dine there, every June they celebrate their anniversary with a cheaper 4-course menu (it has gone up from the $65 from a few years ago, but hey, inflation). And lucky you, they usually also extend it to July.

Oh, and your $80 gets you more than just four courses. When I went there were amuse bouche upon amuse bouche and great bread service before the real dinner even started. The amuse bouche included salmon skin chips with creme fraiche.


Even though it's a cheaper tasting menu, you'll still get the Providence experience with impeccably prepared dishes. I took my mom there a couple of years ago, and while I no longer remember exactly what the dishes we had was, we all loved it. Providence is a seafood-focused restaurant, but that doesn't mean they don't serve amazing meat dishes.

2 years ago it was 5 courses for $80 which included scallop, Alaskan halibut with smoked miso and puffed rice, veal tenderloin.

No, not done yet. There were still petit fours to finish up after dessert.
If you've been wanting to try Providence, or have not been back in a while, this is a great opportunity to go without cleaning out your wallet. You still have another month to take advantage of this deal of a tasting menu, so hurry and make your reservation!


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