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Eating in Fiji: Blue Lagoon Resort

At most of the island resorts in Fiji, you won't be able to purchase food outside of the resorts, because there won't be much else on those small islands! This was also the case at Blue Lagoon Resort, which is located on Nacula Island, part of the Yasawa Islands. Instead, you have to pay for a meal plan, which was about $35 per person per day, on top of the room rates. Still, not too bad for 3 meals a day.


The first meal you'll have at Blue Lagoon Resort most likely will be lunch. For lunch, you can choose one dish from their menu, and because it's my first Fijian meal, I had to try the fish in lolo, which is perhaps the most typical Fijian meal. I had talked about this dish in my 5 Things to Eat in Fiji post. It's a dish of fish in coconut milk broth, typically served with taro leaves and root vegetables. The version here ended up being my favorite of the whole trip.


The next day we went diving, so I was in need of a hearty lunch afterwards and went with the curry. The meat was slightly tough, but it still made for a flavorful and hearty meal.
Blue Lagoon curry


Breakfast at Blue Lagoon Resort is a nice spread of fruits, various types of breads, and an omelette station. There's also cereal, but that's boring ...
Blue Lagoon Resort

Coconut-filled pastry, yes please. There are also different types of Fijian bread or dumpling, made with coconut of some sort. The white one you see above is called "topoi", made using coconut milk.
Blue Lagoon Resort
Another morning's breakfast had sausages, beans, a different type of Fijian bread (a lolo bun, which is made with coconut cream instead of coconut milk), and coconut-filled donuts!
Blue Lagoon Resort


Dinner is typically a set menu or buffet style, rather than ordering a la carte. One night we had a seafood feast with mussels and a platter of fried and grilled seafood.
Blue Lagoon Resort
Blue Lagoon Resort

Blue Lagoon Resort

Another night was a buffet of the "lovo" items, or meats cooked in the traditional earth oven. That night they also had kokoda, the Fijian ceviche marinated in coconut cream, snapper, whole pork roasted in lovo, and more! On lovo nights, they also typically have a bonfire on the beach after dinner.
Blue Lagoon Resort

Drinks are usually not included with your meal plan. If you book a bure/bungalow, then the first round of the drinks that are in your mini-fridge are free. These mean a couple of local beers like the Vonu Lager, perfect for lounging by the beach.

Otherwise, you can buy drinks at the bar. They have local beers, which would be your cheapest option, and local rums (not for drinking neat ...), as well as your typical cocktails. I may sometimes be a cocktail snob, but I can knock a few pina coladas sitting on the beach in Fiji! Drink prices in Fiji resorts aren't cheap, however, they're comparable to US prices.
Blue Lagoon

With hot breakfast buffet and either a multi course meal or buffet for dinner, lunch was the only time at Blue Lagoon when I wish I had more food, especially if you do morning dives or activities. Still, I found the food at Blue Lagoon Resort to be quite good, so if you're concerned about the obligatory meal plan, I wouldn't worry much about it!


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