Sunday, August 2, 2015

Drinks and Beyond at Drink (Boston, MA)

Drink Drink in Fort Point is arguably Boston's most famous cocktail establishment. There's no cocktail menu at Drink, just a crew of highly talented and highly trained bartenders under the direction of Ezra Star. They're ready to make you any drink you want, or suggest a cocktail based on your taste preferences. Everyone seems to always be working on something new and interesting.

The line and wait at this place can get pretty crazy, but if you come early (they open at 4pm), there's no line and you can get the full attention of the bartenders.

Because of the status that Drink has in the city, they also can get their hands on some exclusive you can hardly find elsewhere. We tried some special Del Maguey mezcal, a San Pedro Taviche, a blend of Espadin, Tobala, and Tepextate.

We also had a daiquiri made with pineapple infused Plantation rum. Don't let your mind go to Malibu or something like that, Plantation is levels above that. This was a really lovely rum with nice tropical aromas, and it was not yet available in stores.

Want flair? Drink's got some of those, too ...
Drink Drink

Because this bar located just under Sportello is a Barbra Lynch property, you can be assured that the food will also be quite good. From a lighter dish of raw tuna ...
... to the decadent Secret Burger. They only have 15 of these each night, and you can see how many are left on their board. It's not listed on the menu proper but the board and the servers can tell you if it's available. Each bite of this burger is rich, from the buttery brioche bun to the remarkable patty (using wagyu chuck) that just seems to melt in your mouth.
Nothing too fancy, just a nice bun, really great meat, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickles. A classic at its best.

Drink will probably always going to be a requested stop by my cocktail loving friends when they visit LA, and one that I'd gladly go to anytime, both for great cocktails and food. Come early or be prepared to wait.

348 Congress St
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 695-1806
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