Thursday, October 1, 2015

Area Four (Cambridge, MA)

I may have complained a bit about the lack of lunch options at MIT, but actually, if I just go out of campus for a bit, there are some great places - take Area Four, for example, known for their pizza.

The menu at Area Four is short and simple - some appetizers and salads, and then pizza. Area Four's pizza has won many accolades and boasts an older-than-12-year starter, over 30 hours of fermentation, and wood-fired oven. They make a great version of the New England staple, clam and bacon pizza with pecorino, chili pepper, and parsley ($17.50 for a small)

Area Four
I had a very satisfying Little gem salad with tomatoes, blue cheese dressing, and crispy pork belly
Area Four
The crispy pork belly made this salad that much better - it's still healthy right?

We had sort of a run-in with President Obama the day before, as we were dining next door to where the President was having lunch, so I told Jose that Obama had lunch at Area Four before. We asked them what Obama had ordered and it was this: the Mushroom and Fontina pizza (mushroom sauce, pecorino, gremolata) except he added some fresh arugula on top - you know, to be healthy!
Area Four
Mac n cheese with croissant crumb topping ($12, add bacon for $2)
Area Four has a nice rotating draught beer list, but they also have a nice list of cocktail classics and beyond. The cocktails here tend to be simpler, but executed well, like this Naked and Famous (mezcal, aperol, chartreuse)

The front part of Area Four is actually a coffee shop, and they make a good cappuccino which you can also order in the dining room. Near MIT, this is one of the best coffee stops.
Area Four

I opted to try out a locally made matcha soda: Motto. It's not a sweet soda but it's refreshing. I would've liked a stronger matcha flavor but I still liked it!
Area Four

Area Four can get pretty busy during lunch and after work hours with all the MIT and the tech workers in the Kendall area. With great pizza and great drinks, this place is a good spot for a group meal, but their salads and other dishes also make the perfect after-work meal for me. I sometimes just grab a seat at the bar, get a cocktail and one dish!

Area Four
500 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 758-4444
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