Saturday, January 16, 2016

Beta Burger Brings Sous Vide Patties to Fast Food

Using the sous vide method to cook burgers has been done by some higher end restaurants, but at a fast food restaurant? Beta Burger, steps away from the Roxbury Crossing T station, may be the first. While I do think thick patties are the best for sous vide, using this method for the usually thinner fast food style burger still promises a healthier and juicier burger than its counterparts.


The patties have been slow cooked all day, and when you place your order, they will grill it briefly. You can order one of their three burger options, or build your own with a choice of toppings. Their fries (dubbed "skinny fries") are thin fries that come with a packet of seasoning - pour the seasoning in the bag and shake. They had 4-5 seasoning options but everyone opted for the garlic parmesan.

Topping options include the usual like onions (fresh or caramelized), tomato, along with mushroom, bacon, peppers, and perhaps some special ones for the month - we'll get to that later.

Instead of ketchup or some sort of aioli, they recommend getting the steak sauce with the beef patty. Because of the sous vide, the burger is slightly reminiscent to a steak rather than the usual burger patty.

We were also really curious about their burger of the month, which some people have said was surprisingly good - especially after hearing the ingredients. The beef burger is topped with cheese, mayo, ketchup - nothing crazy so far - and marshmallows. Yes, marshmallows.

I have to say, I was quite surprised how well this actually worked. The sweetness of the marshmallow hits you at the very end, so it doesn't overwhelm the burger's flavor itself, but adds another layer. The owner was inspired to try this combination after he was craving hot cocoa one day. Who knew?

Disclosure: This visit was hosted.

Beta Burger
1437 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02120
(617) 318-6300
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