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Searching for Good Sushi: Cafe Sushi (Cambridge, MA)

I've been on the hunt for good sushi in Boston, but I had put off Cafe Sushi for a bit because someone said the omakase was too expensive. I finally made it there, though, and this Harvard Square sushi joint was packed! As it turns out, you don't have to break the bank to eat here. I didn't get the omakase but you can have good sushi relatively for a relatively affordable price with their samplers.

The first is their Signature Sampler, which gives you chef's selection of five of their signature sushi creations for $15. At $3 per piece, it was a nice value.

Cafe Sushi

Among the signature pieces we got were the Salmon Aburi (seared salmon belly, aburi ponzu, negi),
Gomadare Branzino (European seabass, iced onion, sesame sauce), Maguro-zuke (house cured tuna with yuzu kosho), among others. These pieces are $3-3.50 if you order them a la carte.
Cafe Sushi

These signature creations add a unique touch to the nigiri - for example, the sesame sauce on the seabass was one I particularly enjoyed. The fish itself was great, fresh and definitely some of the best I've had in Boston.

The other sampler is their seasonal sushi sampler, which is $20 for five pieces. These are the fresh, seasonal (natch) sushi selections such as kombu-cured butterfish, sea bream, and more. At least this time around, most of the selections are leaner fish.
Cafe Sushi

Being partial to fatty fish, I enjoyed the signature sampler more, but I liked trying these as well - there were a couple cuts I haven't had before.
Cafe Sushi

We ordered a few other things, since I wasn't really full with 10 pieces. Umi masu ramp (ocean trout, ponzu, togarashi ramp, fried shallot, $3.50 per piece)
Cafe Sushi

My friend ordered the toro hand roll
Cafe Sushi

All in all, I thought Cafe Sushi was certainly a good spot for sushi - a great one for Boston. The reviews were right, Cafe Sushi is one of the best spots for sushi in Boston. I thought the samplers give you a good selection for a good price, as well. It was more affordable than I've heard people say, so perhaps next time I will give the omakase a go! Or, when you're craving sushi and need a quick fix, just go order a la carte. Cafe Sushi offers their sushi by the piece, so even when you dine solo, you can still try a lot of different pieces on your own.
Cafe Sushi

Cafe Sushi
1105 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 492-0434
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That seems like a wonderful sushi restaurant. I have never been there but I am dying to visit there soon. I need to organize a couple of corporate events in coming summer and would like to hire their catering too!! Thanks for the reviews dear.

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