Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ocean's Table Delivers Fresh Seafood Direct from the Fishermen to Your Door

If you're the type to enjoy cooking your own recipes and want to get sustainable, local products but don't have the time to go shop, try Ocean's Table. This service brings fresh seafood directly from the fishermen shipped to your door. They work with fishermen and vessel captains from Gloucester in Massachusetts. Their facility is located right on Gloucester Harbor, where they will meet the captains to get the seafood, fillet and prepare the seafood and ship them.

I recently got a box to review, and it was filled with scallops, red fish, halibut, and more. There are different packages you can choose from on their website.
Oceans Table
Each package was labeled with the port they're harvested at, the vessel name and the name of the captain.
Oceans Table

The first thing I tried out were the scallops. They were good sized scallops which were very fresh.
I read on the brunch menu at Roister in Chicago that they had grits with scallop XO sauce and that inspired me. Roister doesn't actually put whole scallops with their grits, just made the XO sauce from scallops. I decided to sear the scallops and put them over grits with some XO sauce that I had on hand!

There was some haddock in the box. I received the box in the winter and got snowed in the day after, so I decided to make some baked haddock using ingredients I had at home. The New England baked haddock uses Ritz cracker crumbs, which I happened to have at home. I tried to use less to be healthier :P
Oceans Table

For the halibut, I used Rao's Homemade lemon cooking sauce for a quick meal. You don't need to do much when you have good, fresh seafood.

A lot of people want to go for local, sustainable food products, but sometimes don't because it's less convenient for them. With a service like Ocean's Table it's very easy to get fresh local seafood that you can cook at home! I like that they're labeled with the vessel captain's name as well, the special touch adds a personal connection to the food we are eating.


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