Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring Cocktails at Accomplice Bar (Mar Vista)

Accomplice Bar in Mar Vista first made it onto the go-to list of LA cocktail lovers thanks to Gabriella Mylnarczyk's fun drinks. But even though she recently left the bar, the cocktail program is still going strong thanks to the great bartenders there that collaborated on the latest menu.

Some of my favorite drinks from the current menu include Matchamaker (rice washed Kikori whiskey, yuzu liqueur, coconut rum, matcha, aguafaba). It's a tropical whiskey sour that had a pretty complex flavor profile!
Red Hook (rye, punt e mes, maraschino) is a great drink for those who prefer a more spirit-forward drink. It's nicely balanced.

Don't knock the next drink because of the name: Appletini. This is not the appletini you knew. This one is made with apple brandy, lemon, chai syrup, apple miso shrub. The apple and the chai spices made this taste like fall in a glass.
I also had to get their XO fatty noodles. I've been loving these rolled rice noodles and the ones at Accomplice / Little Fatty is a great one.
We also got some spicy wontons because I happened to be there on Chinese new year. You're supposed to get dumplings as they're shaped like Chinese taels (money). The wonton's shape isn't exactly that, but hey, close enough.

Accomplice Bar has always been a great bar to head to right after I land at LAX to get good drinks and comforting Chinese food that is still serving fairly late at night. I'm glad that the bar program is still solid. Accomplice has expanded the bar into the space next door, so now that it seats twice the amount of people hopefully it will make room for the crowd!

Accomplice Bar
3811 Grand View Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
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