Monday, April 22, 2019

Gin and Tonic Festival at The Bazaar at SLS Beverly Hills

I should've written this post earlier, but hopefully you caught my Instagram post about the Gin and Tonic Festival at The Bazaar that's going on for the month of April! If not, you still have a week or so to go check it out.

There are seven different G&Ts on the festival menu, the most impressive of which is the Vacuum Siphon ($40 and serves two). You can order this to custom make your own gin by choosing the botanicals, herbs and spices you want, but the bartender will also have suggestions as to what combinations would work well.

Bazaar GT
This is usually only available at the bar, where the gin will be made right in front of you using a siphon and dry ice. Basically, the gas created from the dry ice creates pressure that pushes the liquid to the upper chamber, where it is infused with the botanicals.
Bazaar GT

The process takes some time, so in the meantime we snacked on José Andrés' tapas, of course. I've always loved Chef José Andrés' food!
Bazaar GnT
Uni steamed buns

Bazaar GT

Finally, it is ready to pour. It's served with a bottle of Fever Tree tonic water, which you can pour to your own taste.
Bazaar GT

Another fun gin and tonic on the menu is the Olive G&T ($18) which is made with Gin Mare, 1738 Tonic, orange, thyme, and topped off with olive cloud.
Bazaar GT
The Bazaar has been around for a while but they seem to still be doing as well as ever. I haven't gone in a while but the G&T Festival was a good reason to go back. From the innovative drinks, wonderful food, and great hospitality, The Bazaar delivered again. If you're a gin lover like I am, go check it out before the G&T Festival ends!


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