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Baja California Food and Themed Cocktails at The Corner Door (Culver City)

This is bit of a late post, but a couple of months ago I revisited The Corner Door in Culver City, which is under the Umbrella Hospitality Group (Melrose Umbrella Company, LONO). I hadn't visited since Beau DuBois moved up north, but The Corner Door is still going strong under the direction of Liam Odien behind the bar and Executive chef David Lespron, who previously worked at various sbe establishments like Katsuya and Michael Mina's now-shuttered XIV.

The food at The Corner Door can be described as a Baja California menu. We started off with some fresh Shigoku oysters from Baja, served with "soft Aztec herbs" and citrus, $4 ea
Corner Door

For the cocktail, they're doing an Astrology themed menu. The menu is designed like an astrology chart with each drink for the twelve signs.
Being the clarified milk punch fan that I am, I started with Age of Aquarius (Real McCoy 3, Appleton rum, almond, aloe vera, clarified, glitter - $15)
The Corner Door
It's got quite the presentation with the blue glitter! On the sweeter side, but again, I like milk punch so ..

Chef Lespron is doing some beautiful tacos with handmade tortillas here. We got the Fish tacos (wild Japanese yellowtail tacos, you can get this fried or grilled - this grilled one was amazing. $13 for two, but ours was plated separately). Is this not the most beautifully plated taco you've seen?
Corner Door
The taco was actually really good, better than what I had expected, from the tortilla to the texture of the yellowtail and the flavors.

Octopus taco was another great one! Charred on the grill and served tamarind guajillo sauce. This came on a chorizo tortilla (yes, chorizo tortilla) with cactus salad - $9 each
Corner Door
Another favorite was this Yellowtail collar, candied habanero, mirin, hoja santa ($17). Can't go wrong with hamachi kama.
Corner Door

My favorite drink was Like a Virgo (Botanist gin, eucalyptus, coconut). Eucalyptus is safe to ingest in small amounts, but questionable in larger amounts, that's why this drink is limited to one per person. Worth it, though!
Corner Door
Lion OG (Jack Daniels, brown butter, honey, citrus, sage, smoke, $14 - keep the glassware for $15). This was a pretty funky drink, with the sage and smoke, drinking this is kind of like smoking that other thing that normally comes in this, um, glassware.
Corner Door
The last drink I had was Chiron, Son of Cronus (flaming Remy Martin 1738, Cointreau, Fernet Branca, cold brew  - $15). My sign! But instead of getting it with the cold brew, apparently I could get a hot version, a Blue Blazer variant with Liam flaming it at the bar.

Corner Door

It's been quite a few years since I had visited Corner Door, but I'm so glad to see they're going strong and keeping this interesting on both the kitchen and bar front! The cocktails are fun and delicious, and the food is worth coming in for (get the tacos!)

The Corner Door
12477 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90066


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