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Cocktails and Izakaya Fare at HATCH Yakitori + Bar (Downtown LA)

I recently visited HATCH Yakitori + Bar, which is located inside the new retail and restaurant space in downtown LA, The Bloc. In addition to checking out this restaurant for the first time, it was also my first time visiting The Bloc, which is a pretty cool open-air plaza with more restaurants coming. The Bloc has pretty cheap parking up to 3 hours with validation, which is really nice for downtown! For 3 hours parking is $4 with validation. The parking alone would entice me to go back to HATCH, but let's get on with the food.

HATCH obviously serves yakitori, but they also have other izakaya style food and a seasonal specials menu. They had a seared wagyu nigiri special which I just had to get.
Hatch Yakitori
They seared it tableside and it was so good, our favorite of the night, for sure.
Hatch Yakitori
Among the other specials that was another luxurious item: Alaskan king crab legs!
Hatch Yakitori

I asked the server for the popular or recommended items and he suggested the Chicken meatball with egg yolk and tare dip ($4.50)
Hatch Yakitori
This was a nice grilled chicken meatball. You take the skewer and dip it into the egg yolk and tare, mixing it together.

The yakitori ranges from chicken gizzard ($3.50) to seared ahi belly ($6). The yakitori we tried were good, and I love that they have some of my favorite cuts like chicken heart and gizzards.
Hatch Yakitori

HATCH also has some fun cocktails that are more interesting than you might expect to find at a Japanese izakaya. I liked the Yuzu Sour (Iwai whisky, yuzu liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, $15)
Hatch Yakitori
I also enjoyed the Wassup Bae (Roku gin, wasabi, cucumber, lemon juice, lemongrass syrup, salt, $15)
Hatch Yakitori
There are also vegetable yakitori like bacon wrapped asparagus ($3.50), or the eggplant and miso ($2.50) - they also have a non bacon-wrapped version for the vegetarians.
Hatch Yakitori

In terms of the other izakaya items, we tried the Black karaage (brined fried chicken thighs, squid ink, house pickles, grilled lime, black ranch dip, $12)
Hatch Yakitori
The karaage wasn't our favorite other than the unique look. We thought the batter was too thick. I would stick to the other items like the yakitori (but definitely get the seared wagyu nigiri if they have it)

HATCH offers a fun place for yakitori with more interesting drink options than the old school yakitori spots. They also have a good happy hour with $2 sticks on Monday-Friday from 5-6pm. And really, that parking deal is hard to beat in DTLA!

HATCH Yakitori + Bar
700 W 7th St, Suite G600
Los Angeles, CA 90017
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