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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Warm Up to Tiki Happy Hour at The Church Key (West Hollywood)

It may be winter (as if there's a real winter in LA), but you can pretend it's warm with The Church Key's new happy hour. Yep, they're going all tiki for happy hour, taking place Monday-Friday, 5:30-7PM. There's no bad season for tiki.

Tiki cocktails are $9 each and there are plenty of fun options, complete with tiki mugs and excess garnishes. We started with The Professor (Selvarey Cacao, coconut, pineapple, orgeat) and Polynesian Pearl (Bacardi Superior, Bekrovka, lime, OJ, allspice, cinnamon, vanilla)
As is always the case with proper tiki drinks, they are strong but dangerously easy to drink.

Blue Hawaii (Malibu, blue curacao, creme de coconut, pineapple)
I haven't had one of these in forever, but we let go of our cocktail snobbery for the moment because, well, frankly it tasted delicious. Interestingly, according to Wikipedia this drink should've been the Blue Hawaiian, whereas the Blue Hawaii uses a sweet and sour mix instead of creme de coconut. Either way, I know I would prefer the one with coconut.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tiki Cocktails by the Beach at Larry's in Venice

Larry's was already a popular destination in Venice Beach for food and beer, but they have recently gotten a full liquor license as well and launched a tiki-focused cocktail menu.

Pina colada gets an upgrade with a red wine float in #Delicious (rum, coconut cream, lemon, pineapple, red wine - $12). Yes, the hashtag is meant to be there.

It's on the sweeter side but I'm still a fan of pina coladas after all, and a lot of people would love this drink. The red wine adds more complexity. For something a little less sweet, I really enjoyed the Sun Poison (gin, falernum, passionfruit, lime, orgeat, orange bitters - $12)
Tiki Cocktail
Falernum any day

The bar food menu is worth a look, as well. If you don't mind offals, get the Bacon wrapped chicken liver skewers, yakitori sauce ($6)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LA's Best: The Cocktail Edition

In honor of "cocktail week" (although yes, I realize we're at the tail end of it), I thought I'd finally bust out my list of favorite cocktail bars (or restaurant+bar) in LA!

This has been sitting in my draft box for a while - I was hoping to go back to some and take better photos and hit my to-do list. I'll just have to update it later :)
Tiki Ti
4427 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 669-9381
A tiny family-owned tiki bar that's usually packed with people yelling "toro! toro! toro!" while the bartender tops off your Blood&Sands. An uber-fun place like no other, and if you're one of those guys who always forget about dress codes and end up with flip flops when you're supposed to go drinking, then this is your place. Pictured above is my favorite, the Missionary's Downfall.

Seven Grand
515 W 7th St Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 614-0737
Known primarily as a whiskey bar, Seven Grand offers the best of that and more. Manned by some of the best bartenders in LA, you won't go wrong with a menu classic like the Mint Julep (left) or a specially concocted Pisco Sour. Oh, and if you're sitting at the bar drinking beer, then I'm the girl glaring at you for wasting precious seats.

The Edison
108 W 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
A cool-looking lounge with some pretty awesome drinks. Pictured to your left is a Pisco Punch. We're talking pisco and absinthe here. Don't miss the happy hour on Thursdays and get your $0.35 classic cocktail.

The Varnish
118 E Sixth St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 622-9999

The worst kept secret in LA! "Hidden" in the back room of Cole's, The Varnish has recently been one of the most popular bars around. A small printed menu, but it does include "Bartender's Choice" so you can go a long way.

1050 S Flower St #102, Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 749-1460
Flights of infused tequila? Awesome. Add to that a Latin-influenced, highly creative (and sometimes spicy!) cocktail menu featuring drinks like Purple Rain with ginger and basil (left) and Blood Sugar Sex Magic with whiskey, red pepper, and basil.

Other Bars Worth Checking Out:

  • The Wilshire. 2454 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403
  • FIG Restaurant. 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • The Bazaar. 465 S. La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA. Molecular gastronomy meets cocktails produce fun drinks like a Magic Mojito with cotton candy and liquid nitrogen cocktails.
  • The Hungry Cat. 1535 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA90028
  • STK. 755 La Cienega, West Hollywood, CA 90069

On my To-Try List:
  • Copa D'Oro. 217 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • One Sunset. 8730 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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