Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soon Tofu SmackDown: BST vs SKD (Yes, Again)

Aye, it's the old time question: which is better, Beverly Soon Tofu or So Kong Dong? Well, I finally made my way to SKD and so now I have to try and figure this out.

1. First, the location and parking. BST has valet parking for a nominal fee, while SKD has free, probably easier parking. Location-wise they're pretty much the same: Right across the street from each other, in a strip mall, and both right below a billiards/pool place (why??)

2. The ambiance. BST wins hands down here. SKD is clean and bright, but is your typical joint and sterile. BST's unique wooden furnitures really add to the ambiance.

3. OK, now on to the food. The banchan. I have to say BST wins here again. SKD does have spicy raw crab, but I can't eat spicy anyway . The bean sprouts here were a bit musty. The only item I liked was the fish cakes. BST on the other hand has that amazing cold tofu, and their bean sprouts are also much better.4. SKD does not have combos like BST does. If you want bulgogi, you'd have to order it separately for $12.99. They also don't have kalbi, but they do offer either beef or pork bulgogi.
The mushrooms in the bulgogi added a nice flavor and the meat was lean and good.

5. The rice. SKD serves your rice in the hot earthenware pot - this means they'll add water to what's left in the bowl later for you to cool down your palate with! I always enjoyed having that at BCD Tofu House but Beverly never does it. Upon trying SKD's rice though I have to say, it was amazing! Never thought I'd say this - but this rice was really really good. It was firm yet had a nice stickiness. SKD wins rice hands down.
6. The soondubu itself. Now this may be due to the fact that "mild" at SKD is not as spicy as "mild" as BST and so I was able to enjoy the whole bowl without that slight pang of pain. It might be due to the fact that I had a cold when I was at SKD, and seriously, soon tofu tasted soooo good. At any rate, upon this first visit, I really, really liked SKD's soondubu.
I ordered the beef soondubu. I thought the quality of the meat was great (although BST gives more meat). The seaweed they put in added a nice flavor. The tofu was also good, and you're eating all this with that amazing rice too.

At the end, you cleanse your palate with the cool rice+water (what do they call this anyway?)
I will be going to Beverly Soon Tofu to compare once more, but I definitely left So Kong Dong a very happy camper. It was the perfect meal for this cold.

So Kong Dong
2716 W Olympic Blvd
Ste 104
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 380-3737

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Right Way to Eat

I don't know, but somehow I had a feeling you like BST better. You kept pointing out stuffs that BST have and what SKD don't have. Hehehehe. :P


Ahh it's so hard to choose! I'm an indecisive girl :P

Well, I do think if I'm taking someone out to try soon tofu I'd take them to Beverly (nicer ambiance, better banchan).

If I'm eating out for myself though ... hmm it could go either way.


F, at this at THIS level, I'd like to think it's really a draw. Beverly has the FAR superior kimchi. Considering it's the national dish, one would have to give that criteria extra weight. *shrug*


TonyC: I will take your word on the kimchi :) Seeing as I can't enjoy kimchi due to its spiciness I'll be a terrible terrible judge.

Hmm I really should train myself to eat spicy. I have heard rinsing with listerine daily helps :P


awesome.. i will have to come here this weekend!


dang i haven't been to bst for a good while....

when the rice is cooked in the stone pot, there is a crust that forms called noolungji and you add the hot water or tea to it and eat it afterwards heh

very interesting posts. keep them comin!

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