Monday, November 22, 2010

First Time at My Family's Own Restaurant: Kogyo (Surabaya)

There's definitely a conflict of interest here since I'm actually talking about my family's restaurant. My mom opened Kogyo on the 2nd floor of Sutos (Surabaya Town Square) in January but I haven't gone home to Indonesia since then until very recently. Finally could see and taste it for myself!

I don't want to seem like I'm promoting our own restaurant, but you know, after hearing about it for 10 months, I got excited about finally going there myself.

The whole thing started when I brought blogger friends Mattatouille and Glutster to Indonesia last year, and talking about the Kogi hype to my mom, it seemed natural that with a real Korean and a real Mexican in town, we should try making it ourselves.

It's a small and casual place with mid range prices. My mom tends to say you can't find another place serving US rib eye at our prices in town (the local beef is so much tougher compared to the marbled US beef).

The menu is mostly Korean plus some non-Korean items my mom is proud of (like her niu ru mien aka beef noodle soup which seems to have a small following of its own). There are people who come a couple times a week just to have the beef noodle soup.
Photo by my brother.

Our most popular item is probably the Durian Mochi.
Durian Mochi

The chewy mochi skin is made fresh and the mochi is filled with cream and real durian monthong! I've never had anything like it before and loved it. Props to my mom for thinking up something like this.

I try helping out with the menu by suggesting some items. So far I've contributed Pat Bing Su (aka Korean shaved ice), and soon dubu is not far in the future ..

I never told my mom about the Kyochon/Bonchon hype here, but she must've known about Korean fried chicken from somewhere else, since I found these fried chicken wings with sweet and spicy plum sauce on the menu.

I didn't get to try everything, since we still ate at home or went out to other places to eat while I was there, but I really like their burrito too. Guess I'll have to wait until 2012 to try the rest.

Kogyo BBQ
Surabaya Town Square (SUTOS) unit 1-46 (2nd floor)
Surabaya, Indonesia



Cute place. Bloggers et comped meals and stuff all the time. As long as there's full disclosure, I think you're safe. Does your mom make that durian mochi herself?

Joshua Lurie

Please. I would hope your family's restaurant wouldn't be off limits on your blog. It's not like there's a blogging governing body. Cool to hear how the restaurant came about.


Thanks guys! :D
Aaron: Yep, she makes the durian mochi (as well as the lychee, blueberry, etc) herself. Makes the skin and the filling from scratch and wouldn't share her secret recipe :p


Durian mochi...that's awesome. I want some.


gah! i have to go and try this asap! still!

Silvana Devinta

Have tried some food at your Mom's restaurant. I love them all :) Exactly served like the pic on the menu book. The mochi is also super nice. I love the combination of passion fruit and er..i don't know what other fruit for the filling. My best regards for your Mom :) (now the restaurant had been moved to Ciputra World - even nearer to my place yipiiii)

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