Monday, November 7, 2011

Komida: From Prom to Hollywood

One of the first times Yamashiro's Chef Brock Kleweno played around with Japanese influences tacos was at last year's Blogger Prom. They had also been very popular at the Thursday farmer's markets at Yamashiro, so it's only natural that their next move is a brick and mortar restaurant. That brick and mortar place is apparently a large space in the back of Hollywood and Highland center (towards Orange Dr, but there's no car-accessible entrance on Orange), in what used to be a club/lounge called H Wood.

There are definitely the expected Japanese influences in their tacos, salsas, and even guacamole.

The prices seem pretty steep for tacos, but each order comes with a serving of chips topped with their addictive wasabi guacamole and pickled onions and peppers.

The wasabi adds a cooling kick to the rich guacamole and you won't be able to stop eating.
Wasabi Guacamole

On to the tacos. The menu is currently somewhat limited, with 5-6 taco options. I tried 3 that night, including a seasonal vegetarian one ($4). During my visit, it was a taco of sweet corn.

I really enjoyed the Spiced Hoisin Duck Confit ($5)
Duck Confit Taco
The taco was filled to the brim with tender duck confit meat. Top it with any of their three salsas, or follow their suggestions of which to use with which taco.

Possibly my favorite is the Miso Sake Black Cod ($6)
Black Cod Taco
Again, expensive for a "taco" but not a bad price for a piece of miso black cod! The cod was cooked just right, moist and flaky and had the right amount of sweet miso.

They don't have a full liquor license, but Komida has done some creative things with the beer and wine license, like this Jamaica Agua Fresca con Bubbles, or the Lychee Sangria.

The seating at Komida is mostly outdoors, and there's a semi-private dining area for large parties in the back that seems to be a zen-like oasis among the Hollywood bustle.
Komida Patio
Ordering counter at Komida
Komida is currently open 11am-9pm on weekdays, with a happy hour from 5-7pm (with half off carafes of lychee sangria). It's hard for me to get there early on weeknights, so let's hope they will extend their hours soon!

1738 N Orange Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 466-5124
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