Friday, November 25, 2011

Foie Friday #4: Foie Gras Farm vs Chicken Farm

For this week's Foie Friday, I wanted to contrast two different videos. In the first, Anthony Bourdain visits Hudson Valley, one of the most well known foie gras producers in the US, and talks to an expert about the force feeding of ducks and why it isn't as cruel as some people make it out to be. On the other hand, the second video shows a typical chicken farm in the US, as featured in the documentary Food, Inc. (I heard this farmer has since then lost all her contracts and, as a consequence, her farm, because she decided to let her farm be filmed.)


Val @ Trippy Food

I was a little confused whether or not you were trying to state that raising geese for foie gras was less cruel than raising chickens on a commercial farm for food. I'm not sure if you intentionally leave the interpretation open to the viewer/reader - some will take away the message that both are cruel (regardless of what the esteemed Mr. Bourdain says) and industrial chicken farming should be banned (which California Proposition 2 set out to do); others will interpret it to mean that they're just animals and neither process is cruel. Certainly a conversation starter! What is your position on this?

have you ever seen Dan Barber's talk about the best foie he's ever had? It's on

It's certainly unique take on this time tested debate.


Val: I certainly want the readers to decide for themselves after watching the videos, but I suppose my basic stance is that if you think foie gras is cruel then you shouldn't be eating Tyson chicken either!

Foodiebuddha: I had not seen that talk before, thanks for sharing it!

Thanks for the little twitter love. I watch a ton of stuff and I usually comment on the food related chats on my blog. I hit you up with a link to all of them on twitter.

There's been a lot of development regarding foie production, and it hit pretty hard here in Atlanta. If you want me to toss you any of that stuff, you know where to find me.


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