Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sadie (Hollywood)

The former Les Deux lounge space had been transformed into a Sadie Restaurant, with a beautiful, quiet, large back patio: a dining space that's a respite from the Hollywood scene (at least before the Hollywood drinking crowd starts hitting the bar inside).

Sadie Patio
Other food and cocktail bloggers have had great things to say about Sadie and their cocktails (and food), so I looked forward to checking it out with LA & OC Foodie. The cocktail list indeed look quite interesting.
We started with the La China: lychee black-tea infused Avion Silver Tequila, fresh lime juice, organic agave syrup, Velvet Falernum ($12), and Kentucky Ninja: Japanese single malt whisky, bourbon, fresh lemon juice, lavender-infused wild honey, served in a Peychaud-rinsed glass ($13)
La China
Both of them were a great start to the night. Kentucky Ninja is one of the most popular cocktails at Sadie, and I can definitely see why. A strong drink but sweet and balanced.

Recently, Chef Mark Gold of Eva Restaurant had jumped on board as a consulting chef at Sadie, so the menu has slowly been changing and Gold will soon be launching a new Spring menu. Some of the things I had are still on the menu now, like these oysters:
Oysters, Deer Isle, Maine (1/2 dozen blue hill blonde oysters, $18)

Market Chop salad: kale, beets, cucumber, peas, carrots, quinoa, lemon vinaigrette ($11)
Kale Quinoa

This was one healthy tasting salad! I really like kale, quinoa, and beets and LAOCFoodie always eat healthy, so we both liked this salad, but don't say I didn't warn you. No cheese, no creamy or sweet dressing.

Our second batch of drinks:
Gran Prix - chrysanthemum infused Beefeater gin, honey syrup, fresh lemon juice, shaken and finished with Racer 5 IPA ($13)
White Monk - white pepper and cardamom infused Dolin Blanc Vermouth, silver tequila, Castilian bitters, Benedictine rinse ($13)
Gran Prix cocktail
Although I'm not a big fan of IPA, I can drink the Gran Prix thanks to the honey syrup which take off some of that hoppiness. I still preferred the White Monk, though, a nice aromatic cocktail.

Roasted Mushroom Flatbread: crispy wild mushroom, soubis onion, potato, bleu cheese ($13)
Mushroom Flatbread
The flatbread was as crispy as crackers which wasn't what I had expected and I wished they put more mushrooms. The blue cheese dominates the flavors here.

WineWe had been sticking with cocktails, but the GM wanted us to try some of their wines to go with our food. He brought out a bottle of Loring Wine Company, Graham Family Vineyard, 2009 Pinot Noir, which we both really enjoyed. It's a rounder and fruitier pinot (two attributes I prefer in wines), but still light enough for our entrees.

Grilled Prime Pork Chop, kale, roasted apple, parsnip puree, sherry ($22)
Pork Chop
The pork chop was tender and moist, and I really liked the combination with the roasted apples (who needs apple sauce!).

All-Natural Scottish Salmon, roasted carrots, McGrath Farms pea tendrils ($23)
Scottish Salmon
This was also a nice entree and I especially liked the surprisingly sweet carrots.

Double Black Diamond
I couldn't do another drink, so LAOCFoodie one-upped me with the Double Black Diamond: Green Flash double stout, Blackwell Jamaican rum, cream, sugar, whole egg, fresh grated nutmeg ($12)

This cocktail is pretty much a dessert itself (don't order one to accompany your meal, order one after), you probably don't need to order dessert afterwards. But too late, we already did!

We were stuffed so we ordered the dessert that sounded the lightest: the Orchard Lime Tart ($13)
Orchard Lime Tart
It turns out it wasn't that light after all as it was pretty creamy, but nice and tart.

Even though we ordered the lime tart to go with something light, they decided we needed to try the Donuts ($9)
Glad they did, as I think I liked this dessert better. Warm and fluffy fried dough!

Peychaud Campari float
One thing you need to get is the Peychaud Campari float! It was off-menu, but do ask them to make you the Peychaud/Campari float, made with Peychaud's ice cream (house-made, of course, if only someone makes this commercially)!

If you don't have much room for dessert, I may even suggest skipping dessert and going for this float. I may go back to Sadie just for this float alone. Beer floats? That's so last year.

Overall we enjoyed the drinks at Sadie and while the food menu was not particularly "creative", the dishes for the most part were well prepared. With the last head chef out of the kitchen and Mark Gold as a consulting chef, who knows what the future menu would look like, though. It should be interesting to check out when that gets settled. In the meantime, the bar itself it worth a visit. Perhaps for a dessert drink?

Sadie Bar
1638 N Las Palmas Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 467-0200
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