Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Caliche Rum Launch Party

To celebrate its launch in Los Angeles, Caliche Rum converted the Stone Rose Lounge at The Sofitel hotel into a Puerto Rican party house. Fedoras were given out and a photo room were decorated with bottles of Caliche and aging barrels. Celebs like Cindy Crawford were supposedly in attendance (although I didn't see any).

Caliche Rum
Inside the lounge, there were basic drinks like rum with ginger beer, a creamy coconut concoction, and others. Appetizers like empanadas and chicken tinga tacos made the round. Trying the rum itself, it was pretty smooth and smells sweet and coconut-y. Upon venturing out into the patio, who do I see? Michel Dozois! What a pleasant surprise!
Michel Dozois
At his station, Michel and his crew were making four of the more "interesting" cocktails.
Our favorite was the Cali Kick: Caliche rum, Thai chili, fresh lemon juice, cream
Cali Kick
Cali Daiquiri: Caliche rum, fresh limes, fresh strawberries, simple syrup
Cali Daiquiri
on the sweeter side, but a good one to end with.

Cali Grapefruit: Caliche rum, Campari, grapefruit juice, soda water, simple syrup
and Cali Gold: Caliche rum, cilantro, pineapple juice, simple syrup
Cali Grapefruit
Cali Gold

The Cali Gold was my second favorite, but only if you like cilantro.

The party got crowded as the night became later and they weren't letting people in, even other media folks. Glad I got there early to get my fedora and Michel's cocktails!


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