Sunday, March 4, 2012

8 Flavors of Xiao Long Bao at Paradise Dynasty (Indonesia)

A restaurant chain in Asia is taking Xiao Long Bao (XLB) to another level with eight different flavors of XLB. At Paradise Dynasty, which has locations in Singapore and Indonesia, you can get XLB with black truffles, foie gras, cheese, ginseng, garlic, crab roe, and szechuan flavor (and of course, there's the original).

The XLBs were about the same price as Din Tai Fung, but if you order the sampler (a basket of all 8 flavors, they can get pretty expensive). If you know what you want to try or have a lot of people to share with, I'd suggest getting a basket of individual flavors.

Paradise XLB

My cousins were divided between the Paradise Dynasty or Din Tai Fung, but I thought the XLBs themselves were just as good as Din Tai Fung (at least the Arcadia DTF). My favorites were the foie gras, truffle, and cheese because the flavors were noticeable. I especially loved the foie gras - instead of pork juices spurting out when you bite into it, imagine foie gras juices! The garlic didn't taste strong at all and tasted just like the original XLB.
The other specialty at Paradise Dynasty is that la mian (pulled/stretched noodles). Since we weren't going to be full with just dumplings, we ordered la mian with fried pork ribs. I liked both the long thin noodles and the rich broth. Given that all the noodles were 50% off if you use certain credit cards, I'd definitely order them again.
Traditional xiao long baos are great, of course, and we have an ongoing debate on where to get the best in San Gabriel Valley. But there's certainly nothing wrong with spicing it up with some foie gras or black truffles every once in a while! Hope Paradise Dynasty would consider opening a location up in LA.



Those XLB's are so pretty!!!! Do you remember what each of them were?

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