Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Zinque Cafe and Wine Bar in West Hollywood

The old Nishimura space across the street from Pacific Design Center was always closed off by a tall wooden gate. Now it has turned into Zinque Cafe and Wine Bar and the gate gave way to a charming outdoor dining area, complete with a fireplace.

The food menu is small, but we tried some good things here, starting with the Cheese Plate ($16) which included comte, blue cheese, and epoisses
Though you don't get to choose the cheeses, they're all good and come with fun accompaniments. Now, the server might tell you the one at the end is brie, but I was told Zinque is one of the few places in town that serves Epoisses. Instead of brie, we had a slice of the wonderfully stinky epoisses, even better with the honeycomb.
If you want a more substantial but still light meal, I recommend Le Bowl (brown rice, avocado, tomato, arugula, aged comte, parmesan, sriracha, cilantro -$17 with ahi tuna)
Almost very healthy except for the cubes of comte, the tuna was perfect on this rice bowl. I can easily see myself eating this for lunch or dinner often. It's nutritious but doesn't weigh you down. You can also get it with chicken if you're so inclined.

Alsacienne Flatbread with pancetta, onions, and gruyere ($11)
If you're here with friends, this shareable thin and crispy flatbread is the way to go. Other than what we tried, they also have some small bites, salads, quiches and paninis.

I was there during dinner hours, so I didn't try their coffee, but certainly tried some wines and beers.

The beer list is pretty fun, as well. I tried the Rince Cochon, a Belgian strong ale that is as delicious as the glass is cute. I wanted to take this piggy home:

Dessert is also seasonal, like this cherry tart during my visit.

If you live or work near the Pacific Design Center, hop to this new wine bar across the street for some drinks al fresco or a nice rice bowl for lunch. Also, every Tuesday nights they will have oysters from Christophe Happillon.

8684 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(424) 284-3930
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