Sunday, July 13, 2014

Panini Lunch at CiBOTECA (Santa Monica)

I'm always looking for places near Toyota Santa Monica to kill time whenever I take my car in (since that Toyota location has no wi-fi). During my last service, I walked over to Broadway to the new-ish CiBOTECA, a cafe and marketplace that serves paninis, cold deli items, and desserts.


I tried two different paninis, starting from the Cotoletta (Veal Milanese, dijon mustard, shaved parmesan, mizuna, $9)

Crispy veal cutlet between crunchy toasted seed bread!

The Hostaria panini contains slow roasted pork belly and pickled onions ($9)

This is probably the most popular panini here, and it's a decadent bite. I loved the fatty pork belly combined with the pickled onion, though a whole sandwich of this may be a little rich for me. It's still worth a try.

The pastry chef here is the same as Piccolo's (both restaurants are owned by the same management).

Yukari Kamiya infuses Japanese flavors to various classic desserts, like this Green tea tiramisu or the black sesame macaron.

CiBOTECA is a nice casual spot in a quiet part of Santa Monica for a quick meal. Or hang out for coffee and desserts - there's free wifi in the restaurant.

606 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 458-3366
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