Saturday, July 5, 2014

Freshology: Delivering Healthy Meals

We've seen a surge of meal delivery services recently, from vegan to raw to special dietary ones. One of the big players is Freshology. Freshology delivers a day's worth of prepared meals that are healthy, low calorie, and well made. They'll drop off the cooler in front of your door really early in the morning, so you'll have your breakfast ready.

The menu changes daily, of course, but here's what I had:
Breakfast was oatmeal with almonds, a bit of milk, and fresh grapes and berries.
The oatmeal was light instead of dense, and I really enjoyed it with the grapes. I normally eat pastries or something rather unhealthy for breakfast, and I have to admit I felt rather energized after finishing this.

For lunch, a shrimp salad sandwich with a side of watermelon salad (not pictured)
Nice for a quick lunch. It was a bit small but that is the point of this gourmet diet! Instead of a big lunch, having a snack later on is better. While I'm not use portion and calorie control, it felt good to do it for one day.

Later in the afternoon, it's time to eat the two spinach spanakopitas as snacks.

Dinner was vegetarian, but pretty hearty with grilled eggplant, creamed spinach, and peppers.
I was quite full after this, and there was also a cookie for dessert.

Add to that a nice little touch: a tube of white tea that comes with a little tea strainer, a perfect treat for tea lovers like me.
Freshology also purchases ingredients from local or organic growers whenever possible, and uses containers made from recycled material. Even though they started out and are based in Burbank, Freshology's delivery is available nationwide using FedEx and there are different programs available depending on your goals and dietary restrictions (gluten free, for example). The program runs around $48/day, which is not cheap, but it sure is convenient to have all your meals delivered and ready. I was happy with the quality of the meals, so if you can afford it and would rather not cook your own food, then give Freshology a try. 


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