Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tipple and Brine Brings Excitement to The Valley (Sherman Oaks)

I never would've expected going to a restaurant in the Valley and running into so many friends. What kind of restaurant is drawing such a crowd to the valley? It's the new Tipple and Brine in Sherman Oaks.

Tipple & Brine
Appropriate to the name of the restaurant, one of the most talked about item at Tipple and Brine is the oyster luge.
Oyster Luge
You can order one of the recommended scotches to go with your oyster, like the Bowmore. Sip the oyster brine, then pour some scotch into the shell and gulp it down with the oyster!

Another popular item is the Sea urchin toast, avocado mousse, radish, scallion ($14)
Uni Toast
A must order for uni lovers! I like this sea urchin toast better than the ones at Republique and Faith & Flower, it's true. I prefer the bread they use here and the ratio to uni, along with the extra rich mouth feeling from the combination of uni and avocado.

Salads and vegetable dishes rotate, like this Speckled Romaine with cheddar dressing, walnuts, cherries, bacon, breadcrumbs

I also really enjoyed the pillowy Ricotta gnudi with hen of the woods and pea puree

The cocktail menu here is pretty small with simple drinks, but solid. My two favorites were the Nevada (rum, lime, grapefruit, bitters) and the Mexican Firing Squad: Reposado Tequila, Lime, House-made Grenadine, Bitters

Another rotating item: Crispy oysters on creamed nettle
Finding a dish with nettle is rare enough in this town. Here it makes a great accompaniment to juicy fried oysters - similar to a creamed spinach with a more peppery note.

Cauliflower, currants, cauliflower cream, pickled chili, almonds 9
They seem to like adding a hint of fruit and sweetness to their vegetable dishes, like the currants here and the cherries that came with the romaine.

Steamed clams, grits, chorizo vin, breadcrumbs ($15)

 Wild caught fish with duck fat potatoes, mashed peas, gribiche

For dessert, I was told to get the Carrot cake with bourbon butterscotch and candied pecans
Carrot Cake
This is a much more decadent version of carrot cake, with a thick bourbon butterscotch drizzled over it.

All in all, the dishes we had at Tipple and Brine were great. Along with its fun, lively atmosphere, it's no wonder the place has become a destination not only among residents of the valley, but others who are now traveling to the valley to come here.

Tipple and Brine
14633 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 528-2550
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