Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tee's on the Green: A Hidden Gem in Tujunga

by guest blogger Brian Lee @iam_robot

Some of LA’s tastiest burgers come from the most random, tiny, oblivious places strewn all around town from South Bay to San Gabriel Valley to East LA to North Hollywood. For me, I always have higher appreciation of food served from push carts on street corners or alleyway storefronts rather than bright vibrant storefronts marred by eccentric tourists on Hollywood Blvd.image
First off, I just wanted to say how excited I am to find this hidden gem, Tee's on the Green, in Tujunga.
I gave full credit to owner Tiffany Casper - not only for inviting me but also for flexing her muscles to craft the perfect burger that made haute burger joints seem amateur by comparison. I mean, if you’re like me and spend lots of time around the 210 Foothill Freeway/ La Tuna Canyon Park either for hiking or just to pass the highway, you’d understand my untethered delight in finding this place. 

During my visit here, I had the chance to devour their Hot Mama Burger with a side of zucchini fries/ onion rings.

Essentially, the Hot Mama is a homemade, never-frozen patty smothered in habanero sriracha mayo, grilled Serranos, Pepper jack cheese and sriracha grilled onions. And to intensify the heat, Tiffany cleverly uses much beloved Berolina’s (an awesome bakery in Glendale) spicy Jalapeno buns. Man, I’m literally drooling while describing the ingredients – It is that good! The beef was done close to medium rare, resulting in a tender and juicy texture with intense beefy flavor. The meat went well with the gooey cheese and crunchy/ spicy serrano, creating the perfect unification of savory, salty, spicy and crunchy.

And don’t underestimate the Sriracha Grilled Onion – spicy garlicky on first bite but sweetness lingers after two or three chews. So bomb! In the end, the question remains – Is it spicy enough? Yes, it’s pretty spicy – I can definitely take up a few notches and Tiffany would be happy to serve it my way J
All in all, I really enjoyed my experience here. It is now one of my favorite spots to catch sporta or get a spicy fix. Not only Tiffany’s burgers were unique and tasty, I can’t heap enough praise on how eclectic and kitschy the décor is. There are so many stickers to look at, you’ll always have a topic for conversation. It almost feels like being welcomed into a friend’s home. No, this is far from a fancy or upscale diner, the overall vibe is closer to your favorite tavern. It’s definitely all about the food here. 

Tee's on the Green
6433 La Tuna Canyon Rd
Los Angeles, CA 91042
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I loved this place - Tiffanie and her fiance were the sweetest AND showed us how to play frisbee golf too.

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