Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey 19: Fun Food and Cheap Drinks in Torrance

There are tons of great Japanese restaurants in Torrance, from oden and yakitori to soba to wonderful pastries, but I wouldn't know where to drink in Torrance. Until now, when Demi Stevens of Ortega 120 opened up Hey 19, a pub with affordable drinks and comfort food - serving until late at night.

Hey 19
The drinks range from $7-8.25. You can hardly get those prices even at happy hour in LA! Yay for low rent in Torrance. I tried the South Bay Storm (Cruzan rum, Campari, lemon, pineapple, Roy Rogers - that's coke and grenadine, $7) and the Classic Cup (housemade Pimm's #1, lemonade, ginger ale, cucumber, mint, orange - also $7).
Just like the popular margaritas at Ortega 120, the drinks tends to be strong and sweet, easy to drink. It turns out Demi prefers her own drinks less sweet so she made me another one that's coming on the menu soon. She said people tend to Uber down from LA in groups to drink because of her much cheaper prices!
I was intrigued by the sambal in the Tabled Tartar (tuna, ponzu, avocado, micro cilantro, garlic sambal, $9.75)
Hey 19
It's a fun take on the classic tuna tartar with a nice presentation, wrapped in thinly sliced avocadoes. The garlic sambal is aromatic and slightly sweet and spicy.

The entrees range from the lighter side with pan seared barramundi to burgers and chicken and waffles. Or, go all out with The Big Ben (mac and cheese croquette, Sterling Farm burger patty, bacon, housemade gravy, egg, garlic sambal - $13.50)
Hey 19
Yes, it's rich and heavy, but you know you want to try it ... (and no, she doesn't put garlic sambal on everything, I just happened to order the two dishes that have it!). Eat this for brunch and go straight into food coma.

With dessert you again can choose to indulge with a root beer float, or go easy with the fresh berries with a lemon/vanilla cream.
Hey 19 is open (serving both food and drinks) until 1:30 am. Where else can you get food that late at night in Torrance? 
They also have an entertainment license in the works, and hopefully will have live music coming soon.

Hey 19
4525 Calle Mayor
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 378-8119
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