Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hall of Famer Pizza at Santarpio's (East Boston, MA)

Established in 1903 (over 111 years ago!). Inducted to the Boston Hall of Fame. Voted Best of Boston at least 9 times. Who else can claim all of those but Santarpio's Pizza? While East Boston remains relatively undeveloped, this is one of the reasons people travel to Eastie.

The pizza at Santarpio's is not like other styles you've had. You can call it more "rustic" with a thicker crust and the Italian cheese baked on top of the toppings.


The housemade sausage and garlic are popular toppings, but I also like the anchovies that come with The Works. If you like spicy, though, you have to try the pickled hot cherry peppers! The peppers that come with The Works are just green peppers, so remember to ask for the HOT peppers. If you don't want those on your pizza, you can get them with the bbq'd meats also.
The pizza is heavy, it's a bit greasy, It's very filling, but it's so satisfying. It wasn't the type of "gourmet" pizza that will blow your mind away with dough water trucked across the country or precious toppings, but it's the type of pizza that makes you feel all nice and warm inside. There's only one size but the prices are quite reasonable, so you'll find a lot of locals.

Other than pizza, they have grilled steak tips or lamb which were pretty good.

The steak tips were more tender but less flavorful than the lamb, but maybe that's what the pickled pepper on the side is for?

Long lines, cash only, but grab a cold beer and friends and you'll have a great time here. PS. It's close to the airport so you can go on your way to Logan (otherwise your drive might cost you toll money coming home).

111 Chelsea St
Boston, MA 02128
(617) 567-9871
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