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Happy Hour at Melrose Umbrella Co Spans the Classic Cocktail Families

Who does't love happy hour? Cheap drinks, sometimes cheap food. But most of the time happy hour menu consists of only a handful of cocktails, which means limited options. Not so much at Melrose Umbrella Co.

Melrose Umbrella Co
I've heard a lot of Melrose Umbrella Co before, for having good cocktails, so I was excited to come in for happy hour. The decor is fun, and the name of the bar is actually related to an old photo of the great great great grandfather of one of the three bartenders who started Melrose Umbrella Co. You'll see vintage umbrellas along with vintage photos of the family around the bar.

OK, back to happy hour. At first glance the happy hour menu looks small, with a punch that serves 4 and 4 sections of cocktails. But the last section actually covers the four classic cocktail families with your choice of garnish and base spirit. Virtually unlimited choices!

First off, they served us a mini cup of the white sangria to start off the night (and "amuse booze"). This is the same sangria that comes as a 4-person punch and it is a crowd pleaser.
Melrose Umbrella Co
Let's start off with some of the happy our choices. There's the Nip Julep made with bourbon, mint, and peach, and only $5! The last section lets you choose between the four cocktail families: smash, fix, daisy, or maid. The "Fix" is your choice of base spirit with citrus, sugar, and your choice of garnish (I did bourbon and grapes). The Smash would be like a mojito with any spirit, and the Maid is made with cucumber, mint, and and citrus. Each is $9.
Melrose Umbrella Co
There's a food happy hour menu, as well, with offerings like the Pork and Pickle Poutine (pulled pork, french fries, arugula, cheese curds, dried pickles, $6)
Melrose Umbrella Co

Seared Tuna Tartine (squaw bread, lemon aioli, spinach, red onion, sundried tomato, green olive, seared ahi, $7)
Melrose Umbrella Co

The bolder flavors of the sundried tomato and green olives work well with the seared tuna here.
Melrose Umbrella Co
I tried cocktails from the regular menu as well. I was intrigued by the White Old Fashioned, made with yellow chartreuse, creme de cacao, mezcal, and orange bitters. I loved this drink. It's a smooth aromatic cocktail with a hint of sweetness and subtle smokiness.
I also quite enjoyed the Pear Sazerac, bringing in the addition of pear brandy.

Before we left, they gave us a shot of their homemade fireball. Remember the sweet cinnamon whisky? Well, this is their own (better) version that's made with an old recipe and High West Double Rye whisky.
Melrose Umbrella Co
This place brings great cocktails to the neighborhood, and you can really play around with their happy hour "cocktail families" menu. Happy hour at Melrose Umbrella Co is Monday-Friday, 5-7pm.

Melrose Umbrella Co

Melrose Umbrella Company
7465 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 951-0709
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