Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Postmates, Now Delivering Anything in Your City

Postmates promises to deliver anything and everything to your home. I initially got some credit to try it out when I was living in LA, but they weren't delivering to Pasadena so I didn't get a chance to use it there. After moving to Boston and with my first real winter impending, this was starting to sound enticing. 
You access Postmates via a phone app. You can choose from the restaurants listed and select from the drop down menu, or you can also type a custom order. They'll go to the store or restaurant and place whatever you want to order. The final bill will be calculated when the order is picked up at the store or restaurant.

Postmates' crew picks up your order on their bikes and delivers it to your door. I've received my order well within 30 minutes for the most part, like for these tortas from Tenoch which was across the Charles River.

Even when they are really busy, like the time they were handing out FREE Dunkin Donuts munchkins, I still got them within an hour. (Follow their twitter if you want to be updated on freebies).
Hey, it's free. Thanks Postmates!
The one part I didn't like about the app was that it doesn't tell you how much credit you have left and what will be applied to the order. So I couldn't be sure if it will be applied (I asked Support who said "don't worry, it will be") and if so, how much, and whether or not my credits were still valid or already expired. Hopefully they have or will fix it.

Don't just think about food (even if that's mostly what is listed on the app). A twitter user used Postmates to order an umbrella when it was raining and got it within 10 minutes. Brilliant!
They're in 18 cities and counting so far, so try it out next time you need something delivered.


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