Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hello and Adieu, East by Northeast in Inman Square (Cambridge, MA)

I tried East by Northeast in Inman Square not too long ago, but it seems I already have to say goodbye. The restaurant will close on March 8 (they invite you to come in and have drinks and they will send out food until they run out, according to Eater).

East by Northeast says they serve contemporary Chinese cuisine, but their menu is actually more diverse than that. This small restaurant has often been named one of the best restaurants in Boston.
I had a pretty good meal there, starting with the Braised lamb bun, sesame peppercorn sauce, broccoli rabe, pickled golden beets ($5 each)

This is a nice change from the typical pork belly buns. I actually prefer the texture of the lamb better and the sauce was quite flavorful. Th pickles added a nice texture contrast and cleanses your palate for the next bite. Overall a great bun.

Ramen (smoked pork confit, miso pork broth, soft poached egg, xo sauce, toasted nori, $16)
I was debating whether or not I should order a $16 ramen but I figured I have to try all the ramen in Boston at some point.
This was a good ramen - nice poached egg, tender pork, rich broth that also isn't too fatty. I still miss the great $10 or under ramen bowls in LA, though. Why can't one get a cheap bowl of ramen in this city?

Red Curry Lobster (butter poached lobster, coconut red curry sauce, pickled chanterelles, spaghetti squash, $22)
This usually comes with noodles but my friend asked them to make it without noodles so I think they used more spaghetti squash instead. I tried a bit and really liked this dish.

They only had chocolate truffles for dessert. I remembered the sesame flavor which I liked, but the flavors of the others were less noticeable.

Cookies for everyone to finish off the night.

I thought the food at East by Northeast was pretty good, so it's a bummer that they are closing.
The chef, Phil Tang, is working on a new concept, though, so I'm looking forward to trying that out when it opens.

East by Northeast
1128 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 876-0286
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