Tuesday, February 10, 2015

All Star Chef Classic: March 11-14, 2015

There are a ton of food events and festivals in Los Angeles, but the All Star Chef Classic plays it a bit different? Ever wanted to watch a cooking show or competition in real life? You can with their events at the Restaurant Stadium, built just for this 4-day affair.

There are a total of six events where you can watch master chefs cook and compete in the stadium - while enjoying some great food, of course.

At the Master Dinners (they are holding French, British, and American Master Dinners) you'll watch the chefs prepare your multi-course meal that you will then enjoy paired with wines. At some of the other events like Grill & Chill, 20 chefs will prepare bites that you can enjoy in the "Tasting Arena".
Last year's cabbage with crispy chicken skin from Paul Qui
Because the event was co-founded by Krissy Lefebvre, her husband Chef Ludo Lefebvre is of course participating very actively (cookbook author Lucy Lean is the other co-founder). Last year he prepared this beef with charred broccoli. But you'll find many star chefs from out of town and out of the country including Wylie Dufresne, Inaki Aizpitarte from Le Chateaubriand from Paris, Coi's Daniel Patterson, and more.
Last year's competition (Chef Josiah Citrin was competing) turned into an entertaining night as judges and other chefs such as Nancy Silverton and Michael Cimarusti ended up at the stadium, jokes abound, including Chef Inaki!
Ticket prices vary between and within events (depending how close to the front you want to sit) and can be purchased here.


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