Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sushi Rolls at KazuNori (Downtown LA)

I'm already a fan of Sugarfish since it gives you access to good, affordable sushi. Even there, the hand rolls have a special place of their own since Nozawa uses a special seaweed that's really crispy - they always tell you to eat it immediately since the seaweed gets soggy fast. Now, the same company opened up KazuNori in downtown LA, specializing just in these hand rolls.

Just like Sugarfish, the menu is more or less set - you can get a set of 3, 4, or 5 hand rolls. Hand rolls are even cheaper, and the set of 5 hand rolls are only $17.50! I thought I'd be hungry after, so I ordered an extra one, but honestly I was quite full ...

The menu of 5 rolls is more or less the same all the time, except the daily roll changes between toro and yellowtail. Since that day the daily roll was toro, I ordered an additional yellowtail.

Other rolls include salmon, lobster, and blue crab hand roll along with a choice of either cucumber or bay scallops. Just like Sugarfish sushi, the rice is warm and loosely packed, which I happen to like.

The bay scallop comes in a slightly spicy dressing and was actually one of our favorites! It was surprising, as those small scallops aren't even something I would usually order. Definitely try that if you go. The toro was actually rather bland, though, it was still good but I find I enjoyed the other ones more. I know they don't use the best cuts for hand rolls in general (hence the cheap price), but the shellfish is definitely the favorites here.
Blue Crab hand roll
Even though I still prefer nigiri sushi, these hand rolls definitely hit the spot. They're fresh, with crispy seaweed, and really affordable! Because of the great value that they are, KazuNori tends to have a long line during peak hours. If you don't want to wait, you can get rolls to go and eat on the patio, although only cut rolls are available on the to-go menu.
The wall art seen from KazuNori's window. Isn't it perfect?
421 S Main St
Los Angeles CA 90013
(213) 493-6956
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