Monday, February 9, 2015

HelloFresh Meal Kit Delivery Review

I've written about Plated's meal kit delivery service before, but lately I've been using HelloFresh more. The reason is simple: it's cheaper. Plated runs about $12 per meal while HelloFresh runs about $10.75 per meal (both of those prices include shipping). Plus, you can get $40 off your first box when you use this link.
With these snowstorms in Boston, it's always a relief to you know you've still got plenty of food to cook at home!

Just like Plated, you can choose the exact menu items you want from that week's selection. The only difference is while you can order 2 meals for 2 people at Plated, with HelloFresh you need to order 3 meals with 2 people. That might be how they can charge a cheaper price.

I've ordered three times now and tried quite a few things, but I always try to order the simpler recipes like this beef and brussel sprouts stir fry.


Teriyaki meatballs with carrot and pea salad. This was my first time making meatballs! I had to roll up the ground beef by hand, but hey, I did pretty well if I do say so myself ..
Hello Fresh

Sometimes when I cook with these meal kit services, I think to myself that I should remake these recipes on my own because some of them were quite easy and simple, yet delicious. For example, this Shrimp Saganaki. It was pretty easy to make, flavorful (a little spicy, even!) and hearty - perfect for these winter nights.
Hello Fresh

Tried a chicken and pear arugula salad before and I did the same mistake that leads me to rarely order chicken breast at restaurants: I overcooked it and it became dry.
Hello Fresh
There are five options to choose from each week from the Classic Box (they also have a Veggie Box) and you can check out the Difficulty Level before deciding. Just like other services, you can pause or cancel your service any time, or skip any week.

Don't forget, save $40 off your first box when you use code 72CQCJ.


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