Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ciccheti Brunch at Bacari PDR (Playa Del Rey, CA)

Brunch at Bacari PDR in Playa Del Rey lets you try many different dishes with their chiccheti format. Each dish is a small plate that costs $7 each, or 3 for $19. On top of that, you can make it a boozy brunch. Get one hour's worth of bottomless pitchers of mimosa, bellini, or sangria for $15.

Since the chef, Lior Hillel, grew up in Israel, I wasn't surprised to find on the menu a Shakshouka (rustic tomato sauce, bell pepper, garlic, sous-vide egg, parsley)
Bacari PDR
Yes, I love my eggs in tomato sauce. The shakshouka is only slightly spicy so it's accessible to more palates. The bold flavors are great with the sliced bread.

They sometimes also have fun specials. That day's special: crab cake with poached egg, grapefruit hollandaise
Bacari PDR
This ended up being my favorite savory dish of the day, I hope they put it on the regular menu! The chef had put a generous amount of crab meat in the dish.
I didn't opt for the bottomless booze, but I did try the Sparkling sangria ($6)
Bacari PDR
If you're not doing the bottomless sangria, I'd suggest getting one of their cocktails, like the Lavender Blues (vodka, lavender bitters, lemon, blueberry, $8)
Bacari PDR
I also really enjoyed the Goat cheese polenta, lamb ragu, chipotle pepper sauce, fried egg
Bacari PDR
I liked the texture contrast between the crisped edges of the creamy polenta and there's also the hearty lamb ragu.

Croque madame (caramelized pastrami, spanish onion, 5-cheese sauce, fried egg, telera roll)
Bacari PDR
Yes, I do realize I was eating a lot of eggs since there's one in every small dish, but everything's better with an egg, right? The "croque madame" wasn't really like the classic croque madame since it uses pastrami and also had the addition of onion, but it's a satisfying dish nonetheless.

We ended on some sweet notes with the Bacaro pancakes (oatmeal, flax seeds, yogurt batter, whipped cardamom butter, fruits)
Bacari PDR
These are thicker pancakes that still tasted fairly light. I liked the slight texture addition from the flax seeds, though I was hoping that the yogurt flavor would come out more.

Chai tea custard, chia seeds, almond milk, coconut milk, macerated berries
Bacari PDR
Everytime I see chai in the ingredients, I have to try it. I couldn't really taste the chai tea in here, though, but I enjoyed this bowl nonetheless. It would make a nice, light breakfast - if only I can have it at home all the time.

Bacari PDR is a great new place in Playa to have brunch with friends. The small plates allow you to taste more dishes and who can complain about unlimited booze?
Bacari PDR
Bacari PDR
6805 Vista Del Mar Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90293
(310) 439-2100
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Well the price of the small plate is not that much, so I would love to try it. The menu looks interesting. I was thinking to find a place for best boozy brunch nyc, can you suggest me a nice place for that?

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