Monday, March 23, 2015

Jetsetting with Petrossian LAX

You have to start your vacation right. We did just that before jetting off to Fiji thanks to Petrossian at the LAX Tom Bradley International terminal. If you haven't been yet, the newly renovated terminal is gorgeous with many shops and restaurants that you'd actually want to go to. You don't have to fly out of TBI, you can still get into the terminal with any valid boarding pass from the same day.

Petrossian LAX
The full lineup of Petrossian's caviar is available here for 30g servings with blinis. Of course, champagne to pair ... what better way to start your vacation? I had the Transmontanus caviar with some Moet.
Petrossian LAX

Even though the kitchen space is limited, you can still get a full meal at Petrossian, with salads and flatbreads, or a plate of cured fish.
Petrossian LAX

We tried a plate of the smoked salmon carpaccio, sturgeon, and their new smoked trout. They were accompanied by caviar cream, wasabi tarama, and salmon rillette. They put in wasabi "caviar" in the tarama, popping in your mouth with each bite.

Of course, they have cocktails including the one I wrote about before with gin, St. Germain, chartreuse, and dried caviar in a lemon boat.
Petrossian LAX

You can take Petrossian's product with you on the plane as well. They can customize a Picnic in the Sky tote bag with the caviar or smoked fish that you want! Make your fellow travelers jealous.
Petrossian LAX

I didn't take any caviar with me, but they were kind enough to give us some chocolate pearls to take! The tin of chocolate pearls filled with cognac was so addictive, we kept munching on it on out boat ride in Fiji.

Next time you're flying out of LAX and have some time for a treat, stop by Petrossian.

Petrossian Caviar & Champagne Bar
LAX: TBIT Great Hall
Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 216-9861
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