Saturday, March 7, 2015

Old Town Pasadena's Equator Rebrands as Edwin Mills

Old Town Pasadena's popular Equator Cafe on the little alley that is Mills Place has rebranded itself as Edwin Mills, serving gastropub-fare and affordable drinks with a slew of weekly specials.

Edwin Mills
The menu ranges from asian fusion to typical pub fare like chicken wings and shepherd's pie. The owner recommended that we try the Crabby puffs (crab baked over swai fish, $8)
Edwin Mills
The fish was back until it turned soft and melded with the creamy sauce to accompany the crab.

Spicy calamari ($10), topped with scallions. These were served with a sauce similar to a Thai chili sauce instead of the usual tomato-based.
Edwin Mills
The Edwin Mills location was originally China Palace, and you'll see decor and menu items that still give a nod to its history (the Buddha head statue in the last photo of this post, for example, or the weekend dim sum menu).

For entrees, we got the Potato-wrapped snapper, garlic spinach, honey lemon puree, mashed sweet potatoes ($16)
Edwin Mills

The snapper is wrapped in crispy-fried thin strings of potatoes. It was fun to eat and worked well with the honey lemon sauce.

Basil Mignon Morsels, honey black pepper sauce, rice ($16)
Edwin Mills

This reminds me of shaking beef or bo luc lac. The cubes of beef were quite tender.

The location of Edwin Mills actually have a lot of history - it was built in 1894. Now it has a fun decor with a nod to Old Town Pasadena.
Edwin Mills

Various fun quotes on the wall. If you're coming solo, they're fun to read to pass time.
Edwin Mills

Since Equator was popular for their coffee drinks, they didn't and won't take them off menu. You can still come here for the old coffee drinks plus all the boozy ones.

There's always some special going on throughout the week. Check the schedule below:
Monday Madness: half-price Appetizers and Alcohol (excluding Draft and Specialty Beers) from 4pm to close.
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday specials include $3.00 Martinis, Appetizers, Mixed Drinks and select Beer from 4:00pm to close on Tuesday, 4-7pm Thursdays and Fridays.
Wine Wednesdays: half-price Wine and Sake from 4pm to close, live music at 7pm.
. Edwin Mills
Edwin Mills by Equator
22 Mills Pl
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 564-8656
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