Friday, March 13, 2015

Taste of Iceland Kicks Off at Boston's Tavern Road

Iceland has really, really good food. Don't believe me? Head over to Tavern Road this weekend for Iceland Naturally's Taste of Iceland. Starting tonight (March 13) to March 16, you can try a four-course menu featuring Icelandic ingredients created by Chef Viktor Orn Andresson from Blue Lagoon's LAVA Restaurant and Chef Louis DiBiccari from Tavern Road.

At these dinners, you'll be treated to ingredients flown especially from Iceland, including one of the best (perhaps the best) arctic char you've ever tried - lemon-cured and served with roe, cauliflower, horseradish, and dill.

Taste of Iceland
You'll also try some Icelandic cod and langoustine. I fell in love with their langoustines when I was in Iceland, and tried to eat it every single day!

Even their lamb is more tender than usual. Obviously, it's free range lamb (Iceland only has 320,000 people, there's plenty of space for sheep). You'll get a roasted rack of lamb flavored with Icelandic herbs. Shown below is just the portion for the media preview, not the full size dinner portion.
Taste of Iceland

Dessert obviously has something to do with skyr, Iceland's distinctive dairy product similar to yogurt. Here, it's made into a skyr and lemon ice cream and skyr and raspberry mousse to accompany the almond and marzipan cake.
Taste of Iceland

To see all the details, check out the full menu.

Tavern Road's head barman Ryan McGrale has also created special cocktails featuring Icelandic spirits including Reyka vodka and Brennivin. Brennivin is Iceland's traditional clear schnapps made with potato or grain mash and caraway - unlike what Americans think of "schnapps", this is not a liqueur (it's not sweet).
Taste of Iceland
Start with the Nordic Courage: Reyka vodka, rhubarb bitters, fresh lemon juice, honey, ginger beer
Taste of Iceland
For a more aromatic cocktail or to get a taste of the brennivin, try The Mayor: dry sherry, cynar, brennivin, peach bitters
Taste of Iceland

The Taste of Iceland festivities doesn't stop with the food and drinks. Tomorrow, Saturday March 14 is the Reykjavik Calling Concert at The Middle East, featuring Icelandic artist Beebee and the bluebirds and the band Kaleo. They'll be playing with two Boston-area bands: Love in Stockholm and George Knight with Pablo Palooza. By the way, this concert is FREE. We heard Beebee and the bluebirds sing last night and I'm liking her voice and style. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on her.

In the afternoon on Saturday is a series of Icelandic films at Kendall Square Cinema, also FREE.

Check out the details for all the events here


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